Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome to my Homeschooling blog!!

I have decided to make a blog just for homeschool stuff. 

We are getting ready to start the school year on Aug 15th. 

Please join us for our journey into our second year. 


  1. This is a cool idea. Now people can see what its like to be a homeschool family and maybe be intrigued to try it themselves.


  2. So good to know you are in your second year. We home schooled our children all the way through high school. We have some very important articles about home school on our blog if you are interested. We had struggled on one income to maintain the high standards of education by a method of no curriculum but using books from our local library (A Life Style of Learning – Wisdom’s way by Marilyn Howshall). God made so many ways available for our children to learn. We were blessed that both our children were doing college level work by the time they were 14 years of age. Not because they are something special but because we relied on God to make ways for them to learn. Happy journey this year, and may it be filled with wonderful times to make lasting memories.
    Mrs. J.

  3. Hello, Wonderful, 2 years now Homeschooling.That is wonderful.
    Oh I am sorry...
    My name is Renee, Nice to meet another Texas Homeschooling mom :)