Friday, November 4, 2011

Fantastic Friday

Bri picked this costume out for herself.  You can't see the tail, but it is really cute.  She had to run to her Daddy while he was coming out of work to show him.  Some of the other guys got a kick out of it and had a good chuckle at her.  I put pink lipstick on her nose and drew whiskers with eyeliner.  We handed out candy.  We are new here and I don't know many people, so I wouldn't let her go trick or treat.  I am thinking of having a Halloween party next year.  I loved bobbing for apples and the like.  So I guess I will have to start thinking. 

Today we are working on Christmas gifts.  She is making bracelets for her friends.  I hope to have some pictures tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day.

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