Tuesday, October 2, 2012

American Heritage Girls

Today is AHG.  The girls are finishing a badge called All God's Children.  It helps them know how to deal with people very unlike themselves.  Like people in wheelchairs or with disabilities.  The leader was very good about having people with disabilities come in and speak to the group.  For some of the girls had never deal with this before.  They also worked on Sign Language and Braille.  It gave them a fresh look at what it means to be one of God's Children.

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  1. AHG believe all people are God’s children, but the Bible tells us differently. We are all God’s creation, but we are told only those who do the will of the Father in heaven are called God’s children. The liberals would love to believe their agendas are under the covering of good, therefore righteous enough to continue into eternity without God.

    When home schooling we did read their books and see their movies they are “good” but there was the subtle message that being “good” is enough. The Bible tells us there is a good that seems right to man but still leads to death, spiritual death. I am glad for the AHG because there were opportunities to speak to my daughter of God’s way.

    However, we liked the “Life of Faith” series better. They did have somewhat of a “woman can do anything” mentality, but they included God more and the prayers of the young ladies more. God had shown me how to use books to teach about Him at every opportunity. We read books that were not just Christian books, using them to show how God would want us to be different. Hope these comments help and not harm, God bless you.